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Custom Procedures

Productcustom.com hosts 11 catogories with thousands products. Each product can be customized with logo. Following is a guideline for how to custom.

1. Choose A Product

If you have a clear idea about what product you want to customized, you can browse by categories or just do a quick search on search box.

2. Consulation

If you don’t decide what product to buy, you can start online chat with our Customer Service team who has rich experience on gift solutions. They will recommand the most appropriate product to you according to your occasions and budget.

3. Submit LOGO

After you choose a product, submit LOGO vector files to Customer Service.

4. Rendering Picture

As the reception of customer’s LOGO files, our professional design team begins to design rendering picture of product (which means product with logo on it) according to logo color and size, printing methods and product material.

5. Sampling

Once customer confirm the rendering picture, we send the picture to factory and make a sample. After completion, our delivery team will pack your sample and ship it to you.

6. Sign A Contract

If customer is satisfied with sample, we will sign a contract to guarantee both parties’ benefits. We will exchange e-contract via e-mail first. If you need a paper one, we can send you a scanning copy.

7. Mass Production

Only when you are satisfied with sampling, we will tell factory to start mass production. Once mass production begins, no refund is accepted.